February 6th, 2012 by pixls

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Well this is unexpected. After three years who ever thought we’d be moving? But we are, so we went ahead and made our last show at Studio 34 a really awesome show! D&D Sluggers, an upstart chip music band from North Carolina is making their way up to Philly and bringing with them their own brand of upbeat chiprock, which is sure to please. SKGB is making a return to the 8static stage, after all, what kind of blowout would it be without a Philly performer. After spending many months studying performance art and tea making in the Himalayas he is returning and bringing with him all kinds of new lessons learned about the dark arts of Drum’n’Bass. Note! has finally made his way onto an 8static lineup. After shaking booties at every show he’s played, finishing to immense cheers and cries for more, he’s coming to 8static, armed with bassy, dancehall-influenced beats (and the occasional dub horn). It’s a good thing this is our last show here because after this set there might not be a floor left to dance on. Animal Style will be providing the visuals for this show, coming with his trademark tripped out genesis stylings, ready to please eyeballs and hype your minds.

This month we will also be having a raffle with prizes supplied by Kitsch-Bent!

Composer’s Package:

GB Smart Cart 64 [EMS]
2 Sets of DMG buttons
2 Sheets of LSDJ Stickers

Modder’s Package:

Triwing Screwdriver
Capacitor Replacement Kit
3 sets of DMG buttons
2 sets of mGBz
LEDX3 backlight kit
2 Sheets of LSDJ Stickers

Raffle tickets are like $1 for 1ticket, $5 for 8tickets, $10 for 14tickets

As always remember to RSVP and we’ll see you there!

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